(XANO) Rest Api resource authentication

Hey people, hope you’re good. I’m new to Jet admin and I want to set up a global authentication for all my requests. I’m using xano for my api. Am I able to do something like this ?

I yes, how can I make it work? Otherwise, is there any workarround for this? Thank you!

Hello @Leonce_Medewanou
You can specify only a static token here, which will be automatically substituted in each new request created for this resource. The token will be put in via a special parameter, which you can see directly in the parameters/headers of the request as {{api_key}}, so it cannot be seen in the requests if you open Chrome DevTools and the Network tab, because this token is passed through our backend.

So I have to specify the authorization header param for each request since it might change from a user to another one ?

@Leonce_Medewanou If you want to pass the current user’s JWT token as a parameter or a request header, you need to pass it directly in each request using the built-in {{user.token}} JWT user token.

Okay, Thank you for the response :+1:.

@Leonce_Medewanou BTW, built-in integration with Xano is coming soon :slight_smile:

That will be so good, glad to know that.

This is relevant to me. I’m using Xano, connected Xano to Jet.

What I’m trying to accomplish may be best if I use custom API requests. To do what I want, what the approach where:

  1. User table exists in Xano
  2. User logins via the Jet login page
  3. Login requests gets token by Xano and stores it locally
  4. API requests use the stored user token