(XANO) Rest Api resource authentication

Hey people, hope you’re good. I’m new to Jet admin and I want to set up a global authentication for all my requests. I’m using xano for my api. Am I able to do something like this ?

I yes, how can I make it work? Otherwise, is there any workarround for this? Thank you!

Hello @Leonce_Medewanou
You can specify only a static token here, which will be automatically substituted in each new request created for this resource. The token will be put in via a special parameter, which you can see directly in the parameters/headers of the request as {{api_key}}, so it cannot be seen in the requests if you open Chrome DevTools and the Network tab, because this token is passed through our backend.

So I have to specify the authorization header param for each request since it might change from a user to another one ?

@Leonce_Medewanou If you want to pass the current user’s JWT token as a parameter or a request header, you need to pass it directly in each request using the built-in {{user.token}} JWT user token.

Okay, Thank you for the response :+1:.

@Leonce_Medewanou BTW, built-in integration with Xano is coming soon :slight_smile:

That will be so good, glad to know that.