What about text alignment in textfields?

Hi everyone,

I wonder how is it possible to change text alignment in form elements.

is it possible?

Thanks a lot

Maybe I am missing something but I can’t find any alignment option in textfields or tables…

@jet_admin : Is it a possible feature request?

Hi @mezkaljet

Can you please describe how would you like to do alignment in textfields or tables?

Alignment in text field:

Yes ! it would be consistent with the global experience

1 more thing : Alignment in table cells would also be a good thing :wink:

Thinking about other options (bold, italic, list, formatting…) ==> Not sure it make sense in a textfield

You can do all in text field: bold, italic, list, formatting…

Would you like to do text alignment center/right/left in cell on Table?

Yes. absolutely. I think it is weird to see numbers aligned to the left

What do you think about this?

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Sounds good for me. I will discuss with a team