Virtual Collection API

I am using a virtual collection table within a Jet table (SQL query to list the items). When using the API provided – i.e. curl ‘…’ – I get a response back:

The requested URL /api/models/xxxxxxxxxx/ was not found on this server.

I tried the same credentials using a regular collection Jet table (not a virtual collection, just a table) with success. It almost seems like these API’s for virtual collections are not being published, or broadcast.

Any ideas?

Hello @David
Could you please share the project url and invite my work email ( as an administrator so I’ll be able to check it?

Added you as admin - invite link sent.

Project URL:
Added you as an admin. Looking at this virtual collection:

Anytime I do an http request on a virtual collection - does not matter which table groups, or if there is data or not - I get an error message “does not exist” in the request call. If I do that same with a regular table - works fine.

Let me know.