Virtual Collection API

I am using a virtual collection table within a Jet table (SQL query to list the items). When using the API provided – i.e. curl ‘…’ – I get a response back:

The requested URL /api/models/xxxxxxxxxx/ was not found on this server.

I tried the same credentials using a regular collection Jet table (not a virtual collection, just a table) with success. It almost seems like these API’s for virtual collections are not being published, or broadcast.

Any ideas?

Hello @David
Could you please share the project url and invite my work email ( as an administrator so I’ll be able to check it?

Added you as admin - invite link sent.

Project URL:
Added you as an admin. Looking at this virtual collection:

Anytime I do an http request on a virtual collection - does not matter which table groups, or if there is data or not - I get an error message “does not exist” in the request call. If I do that same with a regular table - works fine.

Let me know.

@David Apologies for the inconvenience. We will look into the API problem and fix it, how critical is it for you? Why would you like to use the API?

Fairly critical - using for post request to index API. Any help you can provide in terms of a fix would be greatly appreciated.

We will fix this problem, but I would like to understand why you are using the API and not the Jet Admin interface?

Generally, we are running automated jobs that are not trigged from a user action. We do this because after we submit the request the index (a database we use) takes time to refresh. Thus, we execute on batch each night. Also, because of how the post request to this index needs to process, the records need to be looped (i.e. cannot submit all at once). From my understanding, Jet can’t schedule jobs (certain time of day, and not based on user click or success/failure condition), and also cannot loop through records, but I could be wrong.

We are simply calling the API and processing through MS Flow.

I will also add I am noticing that the same problem is now happening with newly created Jet tables as well.

@David Working on it, I’ll let you know ASAP