Using a paging dataset with a bar chart?

Not able to show more than 25 items in a bar chart that uses a dataset that uses paging. There are 5617 records, but when creating the bar chart I can only display 25 records. Please help!!!

Could you please specify which resource you use? Also, so that we can investigate this problem, please send us a URL to the page where we can check it.

Rest API with paging. I can share with screenshare, but I can’t publically allow the page since it may contain sensitive data.


  1. Implement Pagination on your Rest API query
    Making API requests - User Guide
  2. Sync your Rest API data to Jet Tables:
    Data Blending - User Guide

When you will sync the data you can build the bar chart with all items.

This does not work. I have pagination working properly and I have it syncing to Jet Tables. Still only showing 25 records on bar chart.

6532 items in the table, but only 25 records in the bar chart. same data source.

anything here? I can’t display my data in charts

Hello @hlp-cbruce
Could you please share the page url where we can check it? Feel free to write me in pm.