Use db fields in http request?

Hi any way to use db values for my http request?

i got my page ready it works when i click add line the show in the table below and saves to a tmp mysql table. How i can use those values to form my raw body of my http request?

instead of those hardcoded values i would like to use this fields that i have in my tmp mysql table of my app

thank you


Sure, here is the video how you can implement the use case:

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thank you for that, and how i only send a specific field to the http request? i saw the request you created have a lot of fields

also i got another thing

my app have those two fields warehouse from and warehouse to, its possible to passtru the http request those values too?

my main idea is this

this is documint template

already got the app and with documint i need to generate a pdf like a purchase order with all items from the db query and also show a few fields from my app header like Reference No, warehousefrom, warehouseto, im not sure if im being clear sorry for my english

Yes, you can pass all of your parameters to API request using Inputs: Making API requests - User Guide

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