Use button instead of a computed field


I found a trick to use an action (for my case) inside a data collection cell. To do this, I added a computed field and placed an action in it (e.g., I need to go from the current record in the Collection to the data page of that particular record).

But visually it doesn’t look very impressive: only an icon is created for the action, but it’s very small. Instead of it (or together with it) I would like to use such interface element as Button.

Is there any way to add a button for an action inside a collection cell (a record card in the gallery)? It seems to me, if such action is provided, then at least the button can be somehow displayed.

Hi , unfortunately, we don’t have this feature out of the box yet, but you can apply for it here: Feature requests | Jet Admin - we’re regularly reviewing the requests and put the most popular/important ones on our roadmap. :slightly_smiling_face: