Unable to Sign Up — No default group specified


I’m trying to invite teammates to my account but they are constantly getting the following error when trying to accept the invite and sign up:

Unable to Sign Up — No default group specified.

Could someone help, please?


@amarildolucas I’m sorry you encountered such a problem, we have a certain UX problem that caused you to encounter such a bug (we’re already working on working it out).

If you have an Internal Tool plan and you have Custom Domain enabled, then you need to disable the Default domain project option in the Sign in settings.

If you have a Customer Portal plan and you have a Custom Domain enabled, you need to configure Default Team in the Sign up settings (this is a required setting).

Hi, I can’t also disconnect the current domain because another error happens: “unknown error” when I click inside disconnect domain button.


@amarildolucas could you please share HAR file in PM?