Unable to connect to Postgresql server

I continuously keep getting a server error 500 whenever I try to connect to my postgresql database. The weird think is, I was successfully able to connect retool and internal.io to the same database. The IP address provided by jetadmin has also been whitelisted. Anyone know why this maybe happening just wiht Jetadmin?

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Could you please share a bit more details on it? Also if you can send a HAR file (or send me screenshots of errors). To do this, open the browser console and go to the Network tab, then click the Add Resource button and you will see the errors, then you can import these errors into a HAR file and send it to us.

sure, is there an email I can send the HAR file to? The har file contains the POST request with the DB credentials. So don;t want to attach them here.

Please use denis.platonov@jetadmin.io

Done, email sent. I have compressed the har content into a zip file and attached it to the email. I have had email firewalls flag .HAR files as malicious.