The meaning of {'query': 'forbidden query'}

I’m creating a custom sql query to insert data. When I execute the insert query in my MySQL Workbench, it works, but when I execute it in the Jetadmin button, it returns {‘query’: ‘forbidden query’}. What did I do wrong?


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@Seokjung_Kim Currently we do not support custom SQL queries for insert, update, delete, so that’s the issue.

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Thanks for your response. Do you have plans for that?

@Seokjung_Kim Sure thing, this feature will be available within 2-3 releases (we are releasing every 2 weeks).

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Thanks. If anyone else who wants this feature is reading this, please send him your like or give us your reply because I know Jet Admin very quickly responds to customer voice :slightly_smiling_face:

I also really need this feature too. @JetTeam.

I’m trying to insert into tables that are a combination of two tables. Rows from Table1 + Rows from Table2 insert into Table3.

Being able to do this would be a powerful differentiator vs other platforms and is typically were more advanced use cases get stuck.