The meaning of {'query': 'forbidden query'}

I’m creating a custom sql query to insert data. When I execute the insert query in my MySQL Workbench, it works, but when I execute it in the Jetadmin button, it returns {‘query’: ‘forbidden query’}. What did I do wrong?


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@Seokjung_Kim Currently we do not support custom SQL queries for insert, update, delete, so that’s the issue.

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Thanks for your response. Do you have plans for that?

@Seokjung_Kim Sure thing, this feature will be available within 2-3 releases (we are releasing every 2 weeks).

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Thanks. If anyone else who wants this feature is reading this, please send him your like or give us your reply because I know Jet Admin very quickly responds to customer voice :slightly_smiling_face:

I also really need this feature too. @JetTeam.

I’m trying to insert into tables that are a combination of two tables. Rows from Table1 + Rows from Table2 insert into Table3.

Being able to do this would be a powerful differentiator vs other platforms and is typically were more advanced use cases get stuck.

Are there any updates on this?


Yes, it is almost ready. We will release Workflow builder where you can implement your use cases: write data to different tables.

FYI Writing directly to the database it’s not secure

Understood. Do you have a timeline for this release? days/weeks/months?