Table filters in Multiple select


I have a table of data Content Orders. I also have a separate table of Content Categories. I’ve made a Multi-select field in the Content Orders table and selected the Content Categories table (option load) as the source of the values. This is to ensure that the values are dynamically updated for selection in the Multiselect. That is, so that any user can create a new value in the Content Category table and then select the newly created value in the Content Orders table (i.e. to avoid making static values that can only be changed/added by the developer).

Also created a filter for the Content Category field, but it’s not working for some reason. Took a short video to understand it. Why the filter doesn’t work, maybe I didn’t make some other advanced settings?

I also don’t see an option in the filter to select multiple values for which the output condition would be satisfied. That is, for example, I want to select all records where the status can be “New” and “In work”. How can I make a selection of multiple filter values in one field? Right now I see filters with only one value to select from.

I’m currently having this same issue. The filter under “Load Options” is not working for the multiple select field type.