Stripe integration, wrong decimal place

Using the stripe integration, it’s placing the decimal in the wrong position.

Screenshot for example.

I do just want to say… I am not pulling everything apart. I know I have a few topics open.

I am Sr. Software Engineer - Fullstack. And I am tired of doing Fullstack. So I am really just putting jetadmin and Retool through it’s paces. Retool doesn’t to pages like you guys do, so that’s why I am spending so much time in jetadmin before I make a decision.

Hello @aspurlock
In fact, we know about this problem for a long time and it’s not really a bug on our side because Stripe API returns data exactly like that (you can check it yourself). While the integration with Stripe is implemented on pure implementation of their API methods - the only solution on the client side is to create a custom column where you display the correct number divided by 1000.

That makes sense then. I know what the stripe api returns, I was just hoping you guys did the division.

The custom column is a great solution imho.