Strange formatting when using the "prefix/postfix" option in columns display format

Hi all,

I expect that the “prefix/postfix” option add some text to the end or beginning of the value that I want change, but instead I have unexpected results.

How can i achieve the desired result (without using the formula)?

Thank you.

Hi Hanc, can you please explain in more detail (ideally illustrate or provide the reference point) what you’d like to achieve? What you’ve shown is intended behaviour, but I might’ve missed your point.

Hi Michael,

Imagine you have a text field that displays a phone number. Now I want to add the prefix at the beginning of the number (the field is a Text).

Original phone number: 758485695

Now I use the display format utility to add the “0” at the beginning of the string.

This is what I expect
New phone number: 0758485695

But actually the value changes as shown in the previous post. So I don’t understand the logic of this feature.

I see, may I ask you to share this page’s URL? We;ll llook into this

Hi Michael,

You can simple create a new project from a template, select a table column, and change the display format using the prefix/postfix.



As you can see I added the letter “I” as a prefix but the content has completely changed.