Show multiple files from Airtable

Set up:
I have an Airtable base synced with Jetadmin (with Jetadmin Sync via JetTables).
I have a few attachments fields in airtable with multiple files attached.

If have have look a the values in the Synced JetAdmin tables, regardless of how many files I add in Airtable’s Attachment fields, I only see one in Jetadmin.

What I’ve tried:
I’ve tried setting up the Attachment fields in Jetadmin tables as “File” type and also JSON but the results are same, I can always only see one file/link.

My goal is to show multiple files but at the moment I can’t given the problem described above.

Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone help me out?

Hi @jack_m this we have added multiple attachments support for Airtable in sync mode on 15.06. Please check (it requires running “Recreate structure” on existing Airtable Sync resources).

@d.kildishev I’ve tried it and it works. There are some problems tho that I’ve shared in a video feedback with @Mohammed_Mo. I can sum them up with way: it’s hard to make use of the feature in a way that is friendly for the end user.

The problem is that you just return an array with the the resources/files links with not metadata (e.g. the filename). If you display the files in a Gallery component you can show them as url but the user will have no idea what these urls refer to unless they click on them. If you show the items as files you can’t do anything and also the name is unintelligible.

So yeah, technically it works but it’s not very useful at the moment since the goal is showing those files to the user in a user-friendly way.

For more details you can watch the video feedback I’ve mentioned.

P.s. given that now the attachment fields return an array and not a string, all the components that were using the old structure broke. It’s kind of expected but I didn’t get any heads-up. Same as for the menu update. It’s great but I had a lot of custom css that was styling the menu and from one day to another without warning they all stopped working.