Select all Rows returns empty/wrong information


We are currently facing the issue that we cannot use the “select all rows” functionality properly. When selecting single rows we do receive a proper output for each selected row whereas when selecting all responds in no value/NULL

Several rows

All selected:

Do I have to configure it differently? We are trying to figure out how to send over those selected values from Google Sheets via REST API http PUT - may have followup questions :slight_smile:

Hey @Kevin_ent

Thank you for your request. We absolutely will be considering your request in our weekly planning sessions.
To be clear, we prioritize features by the number of requests and which customers voted based on the plan. To provide more context to my team could you please describe your use case/user scenario in detail? I believe it helps me to prioritize the feature. Currently, selecting all rows from the table just returns an empty array.

Hi Denis

Thanks for your reply.

We want to have a portal where our pricing managers can upload new prices and confirm them in bulk to our Database.

New bulk prices are collected in a Google Sheet and imported to JetAdmin. JetAdmin will handle as the confirmation page, where the prices need to be confirmed. From there we would want to be able to pull all confirmed records and send them trough REST to our database.

As we will work with data sets larger than 1000 entries we urgently are in need to select all records. I already checked that several selected records will trigger one API Call after another, which works fine for our system as we are not blocked by any limits. But having the records sent in a collection would even be better in the future.

We decided to go with a Google Sheet as first implementation as the pricing calculation is still “under construction” and want to adapt it as quickly as possible without blocking developer resources.

Got it. We’ll fix that early next week.

I’m a Customer Success Manager & QA Lead in Jet Admin, let me know if you need any help there. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and assist along the way.

I would also suggest you continue discussing your use-case in a private Slack channel to start your onboarding process under my guidance, would that work for you?

Denis @ Lead QA at JetAdmin

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