Seeking Guidance on JetAdmin Integration with a Custom Analytics Dashboard

Hello Everyone :hugs:,

Right now, I’ve been working on an assignment that requires me to incorporate a unique analytics interface into our JetAdmin configuration.

The objective is to display particular KPIs and metrics that are particular to our business operations and that aren’t entirely covered by the JetAdmin dashboards and widgets that are accessible by default.

I’d like some help in the following specific areas:

Custom Widget Development: How should one go about creating and incorporating custom widgets into JetAdmin? :thinking: Can you provide me with any comprehensive instructions or examples to help me create widgets that can retrieve data through our APIs? :thinking:

Data Integration: A variety of SQL-driven databases, APIs using REST, and a few outside services make up our data sources. What are the best ways to incorporate each of these sources of data into JetAdmin? :thinking:

I would be grateful for any advice on handling data synchronisation and real-time updates.

User Roles and Permissions: In the custom dashboard, how can I efficiently set up and monitor user permissions? :thinking:

Various departments, such as marketing, sales, and operations, require access to distinct areas of the dashboard; therefore, it is imperative to establish an appropriate degree of access control.

Performance Optimisation: What are some recommended practices for keeping the custom dashboard responsive and performing well as the amount of data increases? :thinking:
Are there any specific optimisation or caching tactics that are effective when used with JetAdmin? :thinking:

Plugins and Community Contributions: Does JetAdmin accept modules or plugins from the community? If yes, where can I locate these resources so I may add to them? :thinking:

I also check this :point_right:

Anything you could tell me about your experiences, knowledge, or resources would be valued greatly. Enjoying gaining insight from this dynamic community and making a contribution in return as I advance my project.

Thank you :pray: in advance.

Hi @Suzen ,

It’s nice to see you working on such a versatile solution.

Many of these things are reachable in jetAdmin once you go to the pro license.
Custom Widget Development- you can create lightweight frontend HTML widgets to display data or Rect / Vue-based widgets to operate with data.

Data Integration - more than enough integrations with different sources from the box in the Started Package.

User Roles and Permissions - you have to architect your solution by organizing permissions with Teams. Also, if you need to show/hide some widgets for a particular Role you have to play with the “Conditional Visibility” Option.

If you want just call me and we may talk more.