Same rows are clicked together if the data of the first column are the same


When I click a particular row, the other rows that have the same value from the first column are all clicked. Changing the first column to another, possibly with a primary key, might be a workaround, but this is not always a good idea. Is this a bug or can I turn this feature off?

@Seokjung_Kim When selecting a row you have several rows selected - you have an incorrectly set primary key (it must be unique).

What data source are you using?

I am using MySQL. As you pointed out, it seems that the row is selected based on the PK when I tried to replicate it with a single table. It seems that the PK is always situated on the first column.

However, when two tables are joined, it seems that the rows are selected based on the data from the first column. Let me explain this case further below

The table is a joined table with a left join query where the account uuid is the same. In both tables, the account uuid is the PK. As you can see partly from the picture above, the PK of the selected rows are different. It seems that the first column of a joined table is seen as the PK of the joined table.

I’ve googled on what is the PK of a joined table, but I did not understand fully on it due to my limited knowledge(For example, this stackoverflow discussion: ruby on rails - Why is it not good to have a primary key on a join table? - Stack Overflow). But still my understanding is that PK of a joined table is not necessarily the first column of the joined table. In addition, I do not see why more than one row needs to be selected even if the pk is the same.

Correct me if I do not understand something. In fact, I thought it was something intentional at first. But if this report could be the base for the improvement of Jetadmin, it’s my pleasure.

In case you are using Custom SQL Query, you need to set the primary key correctly in the data structure (Save to reuse that collection in that case).