Run Operation Required Fields

I’m using the “Run Operation” action to create a new record, and certain fields on the “select inputs” I have set as “required to load data” and “ask user for value”.

However, when I click the action button, the prompt still says “optional” next to the required fields that users need to fill in.

Is this a bug? Or am I using this feature incorrectly? Is there a way to require that a value be entered in the prompt in order to “execute” the operation?

Hey, that’s a nice question! It might be a bug, I’ll check with the team.

But what I would recommend is not to use a built-in modal (that isn’t customizable) when you go with the “Run operation” but instead use the UI component - Modal where you can add the Form and customize lots of things. To do so, choose "Open modal: in the list of operations.

I’m having this same/similar issue with automation/workflow “run operation” actions. When I set an update input field to “required” and save the workflow…then next time I open the workflow the “required” fields are back to optional. This definitely seems like a bug. @Michael_Kosorukov

I will check this issue, and if it is a bug. i will make sure it gets fixed soon. Thanks for reporting to us.