Read / Write to APIs using SQL. Build Apps faster

:wave: Hey Everyone,

We’re excited to share an easier way to integrate with massive APIs like Salesforce, Stripe, and Airtable. You can use your database and Jet Admin’s powerful SQL editor to read and write data. You don’t need to worry about rate limits, pagination, query constraints, or slow load times.

We wrote up a guide to help you start building in a couple of minutes:

We’re around in the community if you have any questions! Feel free to DM me - I would love to help you build your app.


Hi, is it an agency that helps clients build there apps?

It a product: Sequin - thanks for asking @Mohammed_Mo :slight_smile:

If you are building an app that needs Salesforce, Stripe, HubSpot, or Airtable data, we make it much easier to read and write the data using JetAdmin.

Instead of figuring out the API, you can connect to the data through your database.

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