Public page/form

Hello! I am trying to figure out a way to create a page that hosts a public form. I want not to show the menu and not allow the user to navigate to any other part of the app. The page will also need to pull query parameters from the URL to validate whether they can complete the form.

The use case:
We want to create redemption pages for recipients of orders to provide their address information. The orders will be created by an admin/manager user and then links generated (public page URL with the query parameter tied to the order).

Is this possible? I cant seem to figure out how to remove the menu (Javascript maybe?) and make sure the entire app except for certain pages is public.

Sure you can create a public page, that can be accessed by all users and even not registered visitors. here is how to do it:

1- open the needed page via builder;
2- on the top right corner, click the ‘Share’ blue button;
3- Click on the ‘Public share’ tab;
4- select the ‘PUBLIC ACCESS LINK’ selector;
5- Choose ‘Read only’ or ‘Editor’ from the dropdown;
6- copy the link and send it to the needed users.