Options sets - for global use in drop-down lists


I have the following problem. I created a dataset (a table in the database), then separately created output pages: 1. Collection table 2. The update page for the selected record. 3. Add new record page.

In the data table, I (after creating it) added a new field Status (select / drop-down list). Now I need to create a Status field on each page (Table, Update and Create) and separately add the same dropdown list values. That is to do the work 3 times. This is not very convenient. It would be nice to have some kind of simple table or set of options where you can place the list of values in advance and then use it repeatedly in any elements (e.g. select, multiselect, radio switches, checkboxes). Because my “status” can be used in multiple data collections with the same values. For example: Project Status, Tasks Status, Stage Status. And everywhere can have the same set of values; “New”, “In Progress”, “Completed”, “Cancelled”.

And now I have to make a field with the same values 9 times (according to the above example), instead of “plugging” the once created set of options into all elements where needed. To improve the work, I suggest adding this possibility to select values from pre-created “dynamic” sets of options (as simple lists or tables with minimal parameters).

I can use Load Options from data table, but it’s not very convenient, because I take values from database table (collections), but I just need dynamic set of values with additional settings (color, icon, name).