Only Show Row Action When Row Is Selected

Is there a way to only show the row action button when the row is selected? Currently, when I try to set the conditional visibility with a formula, I can’t use the “current component”…the value in the pop up screen says “no output”.

Hey, great question! At this point, you can’t implement this, but we’d be interested to learn why you need this functionality. Why is that important?

I notice that when you want to make a formula based on a row in a component, the row needs to be either checked or selected. If you are able to click the action without the row being selected, then you may not be able to configure your next set of components or action based on the “clicked” row…it has to be selected. So I wanted to “force” a row to be selected before a row action button is clicked.

We will discuss the possibility of implementing this functionality at the next sprint planning call.

good request, its needed :frowning: pls im comming from the other tool retool because i saw jetadmin is way better

Really need this function as well!

Hello @Karl-Johan_Strandber @agaitan026
Could you explain why you need to hide Row Action until a row is selected?

When you use Row Action you still have the context of the current row the button was clicked on. To pass a value from the row where the Row action was clicked, you need to create a Workflow Parameter and pass a value from the Current Component context there. I recorded you a short video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

In the video I recorded this with the Workflow parameter, although this is true for any action.