New user - help with grouping


I am brand new to Jet Admin, but have used several similar apps. I like what I see so far, but am struggling with grouping records.

I can set it up ok, but it does not automatically detect the values for each group against the field. In the instructions, it says they will be created manually, but I seem to have to set them up manually which is no use to me.

Am I doing something wrong?

I have tested using Airtable - Linked recorded, Lookup field and a formula field. I have also tried using a plain text field in Jet Admin tables - all with the same behaviour.

Thanks in advance


Hi @apndavies Yes you are right, for now the group by in table component is not dynamic and the team will be working on improving this feature.

Ahh thanks for clarifying. Seems to create the groups automatically sometimes, but not others.

Need to investigate more.

Thanks again

Hello again

Related to this, is it possible for end users to drag records from one group to another in Jet Admin?

So instead of manually choosing a dropdown (for example) - and changing it from IN progress, to Done - they can just drag the record / item?


Hey! What you are describing sounds a lot like a kanban board. Try out this component!

Thanks Michael

Yes I’ve seen that Works well. But im hoping dragging records between groups can be done using the table component.

Looks like it’s not possible.