MySQL Boolean columns

I have a standard boolean column (TINYINT) in my MySQL table. When Jetadmin syncs it, it does not recognize this column correctly and sets the type as a number. If I change the type to Checkbox and try to save the record, I get this error:

Incorrect integer value: ‘False’ for column ‘done’ at row 1
Saving Record failed: Incorrect integer value: ‘False’ for column ‘done’ at row 1

Am I doing something wrong, or jetadmin can’t operate with mysql boolean type?

Hi Aleksander, MySQL does not have a boolean (or bool) data type . Instead, it converts boolean values into integer data types (TINYINT). When you create a table with a boolean data type, MySQL outputs data as 0, if false, and 1, if true. so in jetadmin you should save it as small integer or boolean. edit the column and change the data type to ‘database specific types’.

Hi @aleksander MySQL Tinyint support was already added some time ago in Jet Bridge >= 1.8.34. please check