Load Data vs Specify Data

Can you clarify when you would use the “Load Data” option versus the “Specify Data”? What’s the difference between how these two functions are handled?

Load Data: allows you to get data from data sources: No-Code Internal Tool Builder | Jet Admin
Specify data: allows you to get data from page components (like Table, Fields), transform them…

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Question: when I use the “Specify Data” option, and if the data in the background changes and I click “Reload Data”, it resets the fields displayed in the component I’m using (whether it’s a table or detail), and then I have to reselect which fields I want displayed.

Is that the intended behavior? Could it be possible that the data gets reloaded without completely resetting the fields displayed in the component?


Well if the data was updated in the datasource, then it is a correct behavior to reset the values in the components