JetAdmin went crazy and updates random fields in Firebase!

Recently, we started noticing a lot of bugs in our JetAdmin panel. We managed to narrow it down and found that every button that updates a Firestore document also updates random fields in the same document.

For example, there is a button that updates only the ‘bio’ field. When tapped, it updates the ‘birthday’ field by setting it to the current date, and it sets the ‘blocked’ field to True, also it wipes out several other fields in the document.

We did not program this behavior! Also, this situation is occurring with old functionality that worked fine for months. Every button that updates data is now broken in our dashboard. Please help us resolve the problem!

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We found that it rewrites not random fields, but all the fields of types Date or Array. It sets all Date fields to the current date and clears all Array fields in the document. Please see the demo video:

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I solved the problem by switching to jetAdmin version 2.41.4

Hi @Dmitry this should have been fixed in 2.41.8, hasn’t it?
I’ve tried editing Datetime on our test Firebase database and it works fine on 2.41.8

I have checked versions 2.41.5, 2.41.6, 2.41.7, and 2.41.8. They all have slightly different problems. Version 2.41.8 has the problem I explained above.

Only 2.41.4 works fine for me.

@Dmitry are you sure you have checked 2.41.8? Maybe you used latest version and it was cached 2.41.7 for example? I’ve tried replicating exactly your case which is shown in the video on 2.41.8 - and it does not reset any fields other that specified in my operation.

The video was recorded when 2.41.8 was not released yet.

You are right! Thank you for clarifying this point.
I confirm that 2.41.8 is working correctly for us.

Thank you for your help!