Insert Array type in Postgres

im using array type in my db and whenever i insert new value into that array field, an " always being added before and after my string like that:

Is there anyone go through this case ? i need your help.

@duongnb Hey, could you please share a bit more details? I see you’re using text field Image url.

Well, i want to make a product with multiple images and the images field in my DB is Arrays type. i’m using this formula =JSON(CONCAT("[", IF(elements["Image 1"].value, elements["Image 1"].value, ""), IF(elements["Image 2"].value, CONCAT(",", elements["Image 2"].value), ""), "]")) to convert these string to array but it doesn’t work, it return an empty object, what should i do ?

@duongnb It seems like you’re trying to overcomplicate a simple case. If the Images URL field in your database structure is of type Array, why don’t you set its type to JSON in JetAdmin (actually should be detected automatically) and that way you can upload the images without any extra cramps. Did you manually change the ImageURL field type to text? Or does your data structure have this field as a text type?

No sir, Here is my Data Structure:

i also try this one: =[elements["Image 1"].value, elements["Image 2"].value] and this is my results in DB:

@duongnb Unfortunately, you did not answer the question: what is the data type for the ImageURL field in your database structure? Not in JetAdmin, as you could have changed the field type manually.

This is my DB structure, as i said, it is array type sir. “changed the field type manually” did you mean that i changed the type after i integrated my DB with Jetadmin ?