Input field with autocompletion

Is there any component to provide suggestions/filtered results while you type into a field linked to a record ?

Hey @mezkaljet

Feel free to use Select Field


I don’t think autocompletion works with Select Field because I can’t see any means to pass the current value typed by the user in this component.

The results list should be refreshed after each character like in the Google search bar for example

Sorry if I don’t understand correctly how to use this component… I am doing testing to explore all the capabilities of JetAdmin before adopting it

First, I see that you are using an HTTP request for Select field. For the search to work - you need to implement the search in the API request. You don’t need to pass value of current component to itself - it works by default.

@mezkaljet Take a look, please: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom
Just recorded a quick demo for you. Note please you should use Search query in the API Builder.