Image crop ratios not working correctly

I am trying to use the image crop tool when uploading a new image. I need to be able to crop new images to a 16:9 ration in landscape but the crop tool seems to be stuck in portrait. I have tried custom ratios and the other preset ratios but all seem to be doing the same thing. Any help on this?

@JetTeam Is there any help on this please?

@JetTeam @jet_admin I need to be able to use the 16:9 crop tool to be able to restrict the client from using different size images. Your crop tool is stuck in a vertical position and cannot be changed. Please the the attached image as to how it should be.

Hey Daniel,
Let us check it.

Hi @JetTeam did you manage to have a look at this yet by any chance? Thanks.

I’m getting this issue too.

@raise @Daniel_Bachini Will be fixed in the next released.