How to pass a page value to an API Call?

Hello friends.

I have a hierarchical model UI, where the user starts selecting a customer. From that point on, that are several requests that we will make to our webserver that needs to receive a parameter of which customer id we’re talking about.

So far, whenever I direct the user to a new page that depends on customer, I’m setting up a page value customer_id with the appropriate value that came from the API.

Now, I need to show a table of a related resource, but only containing the records related to this customer.

Can I set an API input from a page value? If not, what is the way of doing this?

Hello @George_Silva
You can pass parameters from anywhere and almost anywhere, so I don’t really understand your question (because I don’t understand where you got stuck and had to ask, because you already learned how to pass Page Parameters between pages).

I would like to suggest to do the following:

  1. I suggest you continue discussing your use-case and that question in a private Slack channel to start your onboarding process under my guidance, would that work for you? :slightly_smiling_face:
  2. We will also schedule a call with you with our Customer Success Manager and Growth Manager to highlight your requirements and any questions in a more general sense so that I, as a technical specialist, can clarify all your questions in terms of your use case.

Hello friend!

I think I managed to do it. Basically, enable the input in the API and add the component to the screen. After that you will be able to select the page parameter.

I’m in the middle of testing this out and it seems it will work (fixing some issues on our backend).

If I get stuck I will accept those offers, for sure!

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@George_Silva great!