How to make a sortable list with drag and drop?

Guys, how are you? in my software I list a list of tasks that need to be done. These tasks have priority order, but it is bad for the user to edit priority from 0 to 10. I would like him to be able to drag and drop the order, arranging his tasks according to his needs, using the drag and drop model.

It seems to me that Jet doesn’t have this native feature, but has anyone ever needed to do something similar and managed to do so using some other type of feature?


Hi David,

jetAdmin doesn’t have drag-and-drop functionality. I have changed the approach to UX. So, I create a table with Row Action “Move up” / “Move Down” that increments / decrements the order field for the item.

Hi @Konstantin_Demishev.

Thanks for your tip. Moving up and down, in my case, will cause inconvenience to the team, as today they perform several actions by dragging and dropping, HOWEVER, I see that we will have no other alternative.

Anyway, I’m trying to create a structure in the database to store something like the “priority” of the task. Maybe this will reduce the team’s stress.

If I can resolve it in any other way, I’ll come back here to tell you.

Thank you again.