How to get a client ID?

So we are creating an app using jetadmin, which has several clients say client1, client2 etc.
Each client has several users, say client1user1, client1user2 etc for client1 and client2user1, client2user2 etc for client 2.
Each user within a client sees the dashboard powered by the same folder within an s3 bucket.
So, if there is a user in client1, we want to obtain the name of the client for this user i.e. the client ID, so that all the data is read from within the folder dedicated for the client1.
In jetadmin, we were able to get user specific information, but how do we get client specific ID like this ??

I hope my question is clear, please let me know if anymore information is needed.



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Hi, did you manage to resolve this? I’m looking for the same solution, thanks.

Hi, You can get the current logged user’s ID via Formula.

in the formula window click the “User Properties” tab. there you can find the user ID and all the details related to the currently logged user.
Then you can use this ID to filter your data (clients) who are related to this user.

for example in the table component you can add a filter and show only the data that has a foreign key “User_ID” = the value from the Formula.

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