How to generate form report as pdf

how to generate pdf file as report from form entry

Hello @Suryaaa_Shrestha
You can’t export data as PDF, but you can export table data as: csv, json, excel, etc.

so if i need to create a inventory management system with some reports to generate, no way for me to generate lets say Purchase order PDF to provide it to my Supplier with the items i need? or a stock report for Product XYZ ?

thank you

@agaitan026 Yup, we do not provide that feature.

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Hey @agaitan026

Yes, you can create a report using Documint integration. Here is the video:

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That’s way to expensive for a company, imagine right now I generate 10k purchase order per month :frowning:

Will be good to have a free pdf solution, a native one

Yeah, if you would like to use the Free solution. Feel free to implement the Automation using Google Docs and Google Drive:

  1. Implement integration with Google Docs using Rest API. There are two endpoints:
    Get Document
    Batch Update
  2. Google Drive integration to export pdf file
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yeah i saw documint to test, works good too, just not sure because all PDF expires in 24 hours, jetadmin can have a step to download that pdf in background and storage to my own S3 bucket?

Yes, you can upload the document to your S3 bucket

but how? example documenti give me this for example

  "url": "",
  "name": "new-template-5760e8a9-e273-45f6-99c7-9112dd07a037",
  "fileExtension": "pdf",
  "timestamp": 1606340440318,
  "templateName": "New Template",
  "templateId": "5f861bf738f0eb0017f70ba1"

what im interested is in downloading the pdf in URL field, then save it to my own S3, theres any automatic way to do that each time a pdf is generated from rest api?

thank you