How to create multiple related entities form a single create form?

Hi there! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I’m a newcomer and I’m still testing and learning JetAdmin.
So far I’m impressed with its facilities :clap:

Yeah, well…
I’m using an Airtable base where I store users.
In Jet I just proceeded to configure a Create Form for them
Everything runs fine and the record is correctly created through it. Great!

Thus, I would like to also create an user related entity for the same form submission.
I mean, also create a row in another table, pointing to the just created user
And it all can be configured through form succeeded action, right?

What happen is that I was not able to discover where to find the Airtable record id returned from the User creation :thinking:

Neither Current Value, nor Current Record took me there. There’s no id in them.
Might is form submit result configurable? I couldn’t find where manage it either.

I know it certainly can be achieved, but I’m missing something
So I appreciate the help :handshake: