How do I clear the drop-down list box?

I have a field with a drop-down list in my input form. How do I delete/clear the selected value if, for example, I made a mistake and entered a value by accident, and in some particular case the field should not have been filled in?

In my example (see screenshot) I cannot remove the selected value in any way. Although filling this field is optional.

You can enable a Clear button:
Click to Select Component → Display → Activate ‘Show Clear button’
Untitled 9

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Got it, it works:) thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


@jet_admin I have enabled the Clear button on the edit form. But the clear data is not stored. The old value is still stored.
How to clear the value also in the database on submit?


@jet_admin also, when I clear the value direct in the database, and refresh the page, the old value is back.