Header Inner Menu - Fixed on Top

Hi, I want the Inner Menu view to be able to fixed at the top too (as is now possible with the other 2 menu views).

But in the silent settings, the menu scrolls along with the page, and I can’t do the custom CSS code, I can’t get the right class fixed (can’t find it even through the browser console). I’m trying to apply this code, but it doesn’t work:

.some_menu_class {
   position: sticky;
   top: 0;

I would be grateful for any tips (or if the platform developers will include in the functionality to fix the 3rd view of the top menu).

Hi @alcompstudio does using Horizontal → Primary menu layout solve it?

No, I need the sidebar menu and the top menu to be present at the same time. But also that the top menu is not the full width of the window, but only up to the side menu. This is exactly the option in my screenshot, but in this design the top menu scrolls along with the page, and I’d like to lock it too. The result should be that the sidebar menu can scroll in its “frame” separately from the top menu, which should always be fixed.