Get data from Firebase Map?

how to read data from Map from firebase , parsing it as Json doesn’t work

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Hi @joseph_Omer
Here is how to parse JSON in a separate columns:

Please note that Firebase has a special field type “Location” for storing Geo data, so you will not be able to display your Geo data stored in a separate JSON field with this structure
“Latitude”: value,
“Longitude”: value

This is not currently provided, but we will implement it in a future release.

Could you also share the details of why you don’t use the standard field type in Firebase?


I don’t mean Geo Maps. I mean map as a data structure
I’ve docs in user collection each doc has name field,urls array contains doc urls , I wanna display each url as URL component

Here is how to parse JSON (map field) in a separate columns: Computed Columns - User Guide

Could you please share your JSON structure so I’ll be able to guide you on how to display a sertain key: value in a separate column?