Firebase Json - How to display in table?


I have a JSON within a firebase Document.
Meaning a customer comprises of first name, surname and so on.
Right now the table in jet admin always displays ‘STRINGVALUE’.

How can I show the actual data here in the table?

Thanks for your help =)

@felixhu Could you please share any screenshot or a quick video?


thanks for getting back to me.
Yes sure:

This is how it looks. Would be great to see all of these values.


Just an additional comment:
I do know how to can create a custom field and show the individual json data in a seperate columns.

But I’d like to have all of the json data in this one column underneath each other.

Appreicate your help =)

I was just about to suggest that way. Unfortunately, you can’t display it all in one column - we disabled this feature so that each row is not different in height - it makes the table unreadable.
This is a rather good way to display all key:value pairs in Custom Field.

Appreciate your quick reply =)

I will do that then.

One more (unrelated question), hope you don’t mind. In your pricing I saw the ‘Automatio/Workflow’ part.
I didn’t really understand what that means.

Does is mean, if I want to automatically send an email after the click of a button, this already belongs to this pricing class?

Thanks for helping me out. But really a great product and I’m happy to start working with it =)

Sure, take a look, please:


But I still do not understand whether this part belongs to this Pro pricing class or not?
Because I’m currently on the ‘free’ version and can still see and configure ‘actions’. Or at least it looks like that.

Appreciate your help =)

If you have recently created a project, each project has access to Pro functionality for a 14-day trial period.