Exceeding "Read Request" limit for Google Sheets


I keep exceeding “Read Request” limit for Google Sheets - I’m using the Direct connector for Google Sheets.

The thing is, the tables of data that I’m pulling at any one time are no where near the 100K records, with it probably amounting to less than 3k, however I’d anticipate the data across all tabs of the spreadsheet to be in excess of 1-2m.

Is the problem with the sheets or does it all need migrating to using Jet Tables (although I seemingly hit a rate limit with JET tables also…)


Hu Alex, thanks for your question! You shouldn’t hit the limit with Jet tables so it’s already odd. Sheet’s API allows 300 calls/minute which should be enough.

Can you please share the project URL here or through DM? - we’ll take a deeper look.

It seems to have been resolved by reducing the amount of direct connections - I think it could be that the mix of direct and JT meant that if the direct calls were pushing near the limit, the JT connection had the chance of “tripping the limit”.

Have had no issues with the API rate limit since, and the the writing of JT → JT Tables → Google sheets seems to be pretty instantaneous which is pretty neat.