Escape quotations

I have a send-email-form where I am trying to add an email address to the text field from other components like a table or another text field. I’ve used concat() in JetAdmin frequently, but in this particular case, it does not seem to work. I’m guessing this is because I cannot escape quotations. For example, when I try to show two quotations marks by concatenating one quotation with another quotation, it does not work. What should I do to escape it? What language should I refer to to find the solution?

@Seokjung_Kim Could you explain why you would use quotation marks? Also, why don’t you change the Body field type from Text to Rich Text?

The reason I would like to use the quotation marks is because I want to add urls to img tags in the email body which is written in html. I’ve just tried Rich Text but still, adding some params from other components does not seem to work. Do you have any suggestions to make it work or what information would you need more?

I succeeded in doing this by splitting the body into several components. For example, to concat quotations, you can put the quotations in separate text components and then concatenating them in another component.