Error when integration spreadsheet

I don’t know why the table does not show my google spreadsheet date.

just I have changed my billing&plan from internal tool free to customer portal starter.

Hi, was that the case before you changed the plan? Did you alter anything else apart from changing the plan?

the case happend before changing the plan.

I changed the plan to customer portal starter because this happening. but it doesn’t work.

Hey Hyomin,
Nice yo e-meet you there!

Could you please share the access to the project with my work email so I’ll be able to check it?

okay I wiil share access to your email.
and talking for reference, my another project(customer portal starter) show the same
phenomenon. cf) *I have two ‘customer portal starter’ projects.

I checked the ‘customer portal starter’ plan offers Googlespreadsheets integrations.
but, I can’t use my two projects(customer protal starter plan) with Googlespreadsheets.

I am still waiting for an invitation to the project to investigate the issue you have.

BTW, I would also suggest you continue discussing your use-case in a private Slack channel to start your onboarding process under my guidance, would that work for you?