Error when I Delete a Record

I have 2 collections, in the first table I can add,update and delete records, in the second I can add and update, but when I try to delete a record it returns an error :

[Action Failed](javascript:void(0))

[{“error”:{“code”:400,“message”:“Invalid requests[0].deleteDimension: No grid with id: 1”,“status”:“INVALID_ARGUMENT”}}](javascript:void(0))

WHY ???

I tried to re-create collections , but nothing change

Сould you please share the access to the project with my work email so I’ll be able to identify the possible issue?

I would also suggest you continue discussing your use-case in a private Slack channel to start your onboarding process under my guidance, would that work for you?

Hi Denis, I shared with you the project so you can see the issue.
I create a private Slack channel :

Will be fixed in 2 days. I’ll keep you posted on it.

Thank you for your support!

Fixed, do not forget to Sync the resource:

Top Thanks a lot !! Woooooooow !!!

It works fine if I use as primary key the row column, but if I set another column as primary key it returns error and it doesn’t let me delete the record

Sure thing, that’s correct, you don’t need to change the Primary Key, because Google Sheet can’t have any primary key except the Row.

Google Sheet API takes as input, for example, users/{{row}}, but after you changed Primay Key you made Jet Admin generate Admin Panel and it automatically set up passing the parameter against {{row}} (any column you selected), in which case Google Sheet API returns an error, because it expects a numeric value to input, not UUID(). The UUID in this case serves as your internal binder, but the Google Sheet API still works with {{row}}.

If I use row as Primary Key it’s dangerous during deleting more than one row.

Example :

ROW 1 value1
ROW2 value2
ROW3 value3

If I check and delete ROW1 and ROW2 the result is :

ROW1 value2

Because deleting ROW1 value1 the ROW2 value2 becomes ROW1 value2 and ROW3 value3 becomes ROW2 value3

This is why I prefer using always a PrimatyKey Code and not the Rownumber !

The Primary Key for Google Sheet cannot be changed, it is the entity that the Google Sheet API works with and it does not depend on the Jet Admin functionality in any way. You need to use another database in that case (SQL, NoSQL (Firebase, Airtable), etc).