Dynamic file path in firebase storage

Is there any formula i can use to store an image in a file path dynamically getting the data from inputs. In this case i want to store the image in a folder called shows/2018/lollapalooza. Please look at the picture for a better understanding

Do you see a Fomrula button? Switch the Path field to use formula mode and use dynamic filenames.

I see your point but what i want to do here is make a firebase store filepath using the word “shows” and the fields year (año in spanish) and slug in order to make a path like this “shows/2018/lollapalooza”.

So have you tried switching to the Formula option to compose such a path? If you don’t know what formula to use, then you at least need the formula CONCAT() to concatenate strings.

Thanks for your answer. I´ve used concat function and it works perfectly in a single image input. But it doesn´t seem to be working in an array of fields that in this case contains images. Maybe this is an error from the platform because i used the same formula in both inputs and it only works in a single image input.

This should only work with uploading a single image, but not with multiple images (via JSON array) as you note.

Is there any way to make it work with JSON arrays?