Django Media objects

Hi all,

We recently set up a backend management system for one of our clients using JetAdmin. For the most part, it works well. However we’ve had some issues relating to the use of a third party storage system for Django Media objects, namely with the uploads. At one stage we believe this was working, but now it isn’t.

When a static asset such as an image is uploaded to Django directly, there is no issue.

However, when a static asset is uploaded via JetAdmin, the image does not appear on the frontend. From our internal testing we can ascertain the following:

• Images uploaded via Django are presented correctly.
• Images uploaded via JetAdmin are pushed to Cloudinary.
• Images uploaded via JetAdmin push a URL from Cloudinary to the Django Model.
• Images uploaded via JetAdmin do not carry the additional string created by Cloudinary that is appended to the final image URL.
o Ie an image uploaded via JetAdmin will return the following URL within the Django Template:
o When the final URL for the image should be:
• Django seems to handle this process correctly, however JetAdmin does not.