Datetime field blank even though I see data in Firebase

Often in my JetAdmin tables I see blank results for datetime even though I can see the data is in the Firebase document. Worse, when I update a document because I edited a different field, the blank datetime value overwrites the current value, corrupting my data. Any idea why? Is there some specific way I should be formatting the field? Here’s how I have it configured.

Also having the same issue. I have to manually go to the data source and resync.

Hi @jimnastic @Isaac_Johnston looks like Firebase changed Timestamp fields format returned by real-time snapshot subscription. We use it for real-time updated (regular sync not affected). Should work fine now, please check.

Fixed! Thank you for the swift reply and fix. Really appreciate it. Makes me feel it’s worthwhile to be on the paid version of JetAdmin.

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Great to hear that, you are welcome :slight_smile: