Convert Full Address to Lat/Lang


Use case is a Healthcare Patient Care Coordination Portal.

I am migrating portions of our admin / internal tools to JetAdmin and am looking for an economical solution to generate Lat/Lang from a full address into cells in the same table to utilize the map features.

Is there a work around to achieve this without having to integrate a Google Maps API call or something?

We process a few hundred patients per day & this process will need to occur in near real-time when our staff inputs the new record.

We can handle this within JetTables or Google Sheets. Just looking for guidance before we get too far into refactoring.

Hey @NinjaB !

I think the best way to achieve this is to use some kind of script inside Google Sheets to geocode your addresses to Lat/Long. It is a bit of a hassle though but there are a lot of free options like this:

I hope that helps!