Can you make fields needing to be updated dropdowns that parse values from your SQL DB?

Hi friends,

First time user of JetAdmin and first time poster: bear with me if I get anything wrong or am slow on the uptake:

Overarching goal: I’m trying to build a quick and simple “Internal Admin Portal” to control elements of the SaaS platform I work for.

Problem: So, I’ve got a screen built where the purpose is to allow anyone internal to the organisation to look at a list of “Companies” (basically, our customers) and should also allow the users to make updates to some of the details about the company. This much, I’ve managed to make work just fine by adding an “Update” button that runs a SQL operation to update the record (Company).

One of the fields or points I’d like users to be able to edit is something called “Membership Level” which currently displays as a free text field allowing the user to enter the numerical ID relating to the MembershipLevel stored in the DB.

As an MVP, this might work if we document what each MembershipLevel ID is equivelant to (i.e. 1 = None or Null, 2 = Basic etc) but eventually, this tool is intended to be handed down to people who (a) don’t have DB access and (b) don’t need to know anything really technical.

So, ultimately, I’d like for this field to (a) not be a free text but a drop down and (b) show the “Name” or “Description” associated with the MembershipLevel so that it’ll be much better for contextualisation.

Would anyone have any clue about how I would be able to achieve this?