Bind form fields to a button action

I’ve placed a dropdown select field in a container with a button. I have set the button action as a component action to update data. I followed your guide here:

Nothing happens. Not even an update query to the database. I feel like we need to bind form fields to that action somehow but there’s nothing in the GUI that would indicate that.

What could I be doing wrong?

These are component operations (described in this example): “The changes will be visible instantly after the button is clicked without having to refresh the page.”

You need to use Run Operation if you want to perform CRUD operations.

Also take a look, please, how to set up Form component:

OK, thank you for the reply. What is the purpose of using a component action if it doesn’t write the changes to the database? Is there a use case that component actions are designed to fulfill?

Please read this article in the documentation carefully:

Do you have questions about the article? Is something not clear?

Run Component Action has many types for component interactions (e.g. Clear Form, Clear Value, Refresh. etc.), but these actions are not intended for CRUD operations.