App Loading Slowly

My app is loading very slowly. Anytime I click a button or a link, it takes awhile for pages and components to load. I’m wondering if there’s something about my data sources (Airtable direct, size, number of tables, etc) or the way I’m adding components that is affecting performance. Or if it’s because I’m on the “free” plan and you get better performance with a paid subscription.

Any advice on speeding up the performance of my app would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi, thanks for your question! To troubleshoot this, we’ll need your project’s URL and the name of the page where you see this behavior.


Ours has been really slow to load too. takes like 5 minutes to render anything

@Coop All performance issues are subjective and must be investigated on a project by project basis. To help us understand please record a demonstration video of the loading problems and please attach the HAR file so we can see which XHR requests are slow on your side. Please also note that if you are using a SQL database and you have a lot of custom SQL queries, the performance of these queries on your side (your database) depends first of all on the speed of those queries.

The model descriptions take 17 seconds to load so Its probably the SQL db. Can we cut out tables we dont need?