Add multiple recipients when sending email with Sendgrid

I have a send-email-form integrated with Sendgrid. When I click the “Send email” button, it automatically sends email with the information from other components. Currently, the default value of the ‘TO’ component is the email address from the selected row of another table.


My question is whether there is a way to send emails to multiple recipients through Sendgrid. I know how to concat email address from checked rows, but how should I concat them? I’ve tried below, but all failed. (A and B are two separate emails)


[A, B]
[A; B]
[‘A’, ‘B’]
[‘A’; ‘B’]
did not work, either

@Seokjung_Kim At the moment we haven’t implemented a method from the Sendgrid API that allows you to send an email to multiple recipients. But you can implement it yourself with Rest API resource using Sendgrid API. We will implement it next week.

Hi @JetTeam,
Do you have any updates on this. Is this functionality implemented yet?
If yes, Can you please share the documentation or any reference for the same.