Firestore - updating an array of iDs via a multiple select

Hello !
I am using Firestore as a DB.
I want to update a document that contains an array of iDs but I get an empty object for each array element after the update is complete.

Here is the original array in Firebase
objectives : [“IHGZ7iHMgwYvpFvUkEM2nZDo9fA3”, “OM8Xb34pR8PDYB5A5Ol6”]

These iDs are taken from another collection. So I chose the “multiple select” as a data type in jetAdmin with an array data format.

everything works well while retrieving the default values in the page to update this field.

Finally, this is the form submit button parameters for this field

All update works except the ones with arrays that return an empty object instead of the string with the iD. While upadting other document data, I get in firestore
objectives : [{}, {}]
If I want to add elements in the array via the multiple select, it also adds an empty object.

Could you please help me ? I desparate. I’ve spend the whole day trying everything I can…

@Maxime_Courtaigne Could you please clarify what Multiple select type are you using? It should be Firebase compatible as it has its own data structure.

Hello @JetTeam,
It’s this one :

I get the right values while configuring the form’s submit button. However, when I click the submit button, the update works for all the fields except for this one : it erases the previous data and replaces it with an array of empty maps…

Your help would be really appreciated please. It looks like a bug on your side :frowning: